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Mobilegeddon is coming!

Google is rewarding mobile optimised sites from the 21st of April 2015

Google’s big algorithm update is coming on April 21st 2015. This will reward mobile-friendly websites in the search rankings and those that are not optimised for mobiles and tablets may see their rankings drop.

In the UK, Google is the daddy of all search engines with approximately 90% share of the search market. Therefore every business with an online presence should take note when it comes to a new change in the way Google ranks websites.

Penguin and Panda have been the big updates recently causing a stir with regards to link and content quality, but now Google has shifted its focus on the mobile search market. Mobile searches are now on a par with that of its big brother the desktop and have been steadily rising over the last few years.

Walmart back in 2014 stated that 70% of its traffic to the site on the notable Black Friday was from users on mobile devices. You can read more about the Walmart story on the Techcrunch website. The busiest day of the weekend for the Walmart`s website amounted to 1.5billion page views, which is a staggering amount that no business can ignore.

Need help with converting your website?

If you find that your site is not mobile friendly then it is time to act. We can help convert your site quickly and within a budget that won’t hurt your pocket. With current trends the mobile search market is going to continually grow, so it`s important to make sure your website is mobile responsive.

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Google has set up a handy tool to judge if your website is mobile friendly or now. Go to this page on Google Webmasters to test your site.


is coming!